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Saints of the High School of St. Thomas More (excluding St. Michael who is an Archangel)
Born: Died: Feast Day: Patron or Patroness of: Outstanding Facts and Life Events:
St. Peter Unknown A.D. 64 June 29 Fishermen, Net Makers, and Ship Builders Jesus commissioned him to be the first pope. He asked to be crucified upside-down as he didn't consider himself worthy to die like Jesus did.
St. Thomas More A.D. 1478 A.D. 1535 June 22 Adopted Children, Lawyers, Civil Servants, Politicians, and Different Marriages He was Chancellor of England for a time. Right before he was beheaded, his last words on earth are reported to be"...the king's good servant and God's first."
St. Kateri Tekawitha A.D. 1656 April 17 A.D. 1680 July 14 The Environment, Ecology She is a Native American who converted to Catholocism at the age of 19. SHe refused to marry and remained a virgin, committing to marry only Jesus.
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton August 28 A.D. 1774 January 4 A.D. 1821 January 4 In-law Problems, Against the Death of Children, Widows, Death of Parents, and Opposistion of Church Authorities She started a religious order which is the origin of six present-day religious orders. She established the first free Catholic school in the United States.

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